Preterminated copper

Preterminated copper

Perfect copper solutions right out of the box

New copper cable deployments can be expensive and require extensive downtime. Choosing preterminated solutions can go a long way toward reducing labor costs and deployment time, but not all solutions are created equal. Our SYSTIMAX® preterminated copper systems are world renowned because they are built with the industry’s top-performing network infrastructure. Assembled in our factory under controlled conditions, they are factory tested and certified to perform to the highest standards.

Once delivered to your data center, the advantages multiply. By using our SYSTIMAX preterminated infrastructure, you significantly reduce installation time and the waste that accompanies onsite termination. You also gain peace of mind knowing your connectivity is robust and error free. Best of all, you control your costs by knowing exactly what you’ll be spending on both infrastructure and installation.

InstaPATCH® Cu is our preterminated system engineered to your custom specifications and part of our comprehensive structured cabling solutions. You simply decide the cable type, color, and length; termination type and configuration; and labeling. We’ll deliver your quality assemblies ready to be easily installed and perform from day one.

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