SYSTIMAX application assurance

SYSTIMAX application assurance

Critical meets confident

As migration to faster data center applications accelerates, most optical link budgets are shrinking. How can you ensure your new channel designs will deliver the attenuation performance to support your applications? SYSTIMAX Application Assurance from CommScope provides the design capabilities and performance guarantees you need to migrate with confidence.

Using the SYSTIMAX Fiber Performance Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate maximum attenuation performance for a proposed SYSTIMAX cabling channel, know which applications the channel will support, and receive CommScope’s guarantee of support—in writing. Total confidence. *See for conditions and details.

The best fiber test equipment meets the most advanced link loss calculator

In a one-of-a-kind partnership between CommScope and Fluke Networks, the technology behind the SYSTIMAX Fiber Performance Calculator has been integrated into the latest releases of Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro® OLTS and LinkWare Live cloud service.

Both provide loss targets for common SYSTIMAX channel configurations across a wide range of applications. Installers can test total channel loss and confirm application support in one easy step.

“CommScope’s approach to calculating channel loss and ensuring support for various applications is a significant contribution to the industry. We’re pleased to be the first testing vendor to automate this capability and make it more practical for the large base of SYSTIMAX fiber customers.” - Fluke Networks

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