Large venue wireless

Large Venue Wireless

The world’s marquee venues rely on ION®-U

The ION®-U distributed antenna system is designed to meet the challenges of large venues like stadiums, airports and university campuses. It supports multiple operators, frequency bands and technologies via one unified, low-power and high-power system.

ION-U comes with the integrated guidance and intelligence that makes it possible to get your wireless DAS up and running more quickly, more efficiently and at a lower total cost of ownership.

Once deployed, built-in monitoring and smart-alarming optimize the performance of your DAS network. At any time, you can review what may be affecting subscriber service levels. Discover where passive intermodulation (PIM) and interference exist. Survey the overall operational efficiency of your network. Plus, when you want to reconfigure or expand your system, ION-U’s automated documentation provides information to help you make the updates simply and accurately.

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