Infrasol Pakistan – Professional Fiber Optic Manufacturer

Infrasol Pakistan - Professional Fiber Optic Manufacturer

Infrasol Pakistan

Infrasol Cables is a premier company in the field of Telecommunication Cables, which offers one of widest portfolio of Fibre Optic cables under its umbrella. Infrasol Cables has come a long way to establish itself as one of the most admirable player in Global arena among users of Telecom cables due to its superior product quality, stringent quality control systems and flawless performance across all the segments of Telecom users.
By way of acquiring the shares of Chenfie group recently, Infrasol Cable has become a truly global Company fully capable to cater to all the needs of communication cables across the segments. A competent team in all functional areas backed up by strong and experienced management, sound financial and technical strength makes Infrasol Cable, a trusted name among the users of Telecom Cables. The company possess all the required quality certifications like Quality Management System, Environment and Health & Safety Management Systems in an integrated manner with its state of the art cable manufacturing facilities a and always on the drive to expand its Product base and Market reach.

Our Ideology

We have formed a team with a strong and diverse corporate cultural background. We as a team are experienced, industry renowned as well as a killful resourceful team; with extensive work history within known multinationals and local companies. We have diverse experience in industries such as Banking, IT Consulting and Financial Management. Our management theories reflect our strong belief in the skills and quality of people and therefore we attempt to make Infrasol a company that helps people evolve their skills which enables them to achieve more; both individually and as a team. We focus on providing our clients with basic knowledge of the business and the technology to be used which enables them to understand, manage and enhance their interactions with customers and prospects alike; by aligning these connections together both within and outside the organization. Our business model is simply based on the premise of deriving relationship value for our customers and making transactions secure both ways.    

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