Smart Education

Smart Education

Smart Classroom Nano Interactive Board

Product Introduction

The third-generation smart classroom nano blackboard is the latest generation of fully-fitting smart blackboard products launched in 2020. It is composed of two left and right writing boards and the middle display screen. It can support ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various water pens. Write normally. The same area not only realizes the chalk writing function of ordinary blackboards, but also provides high-definition display and interactive touch control, including various multimedia teaching functions such as playing teaching courseware, videos, pictures, animations and annotations. Adhering to the concept of "traditional and more future", the product effectively combines traditional blackboard and multimedia teaching. Traditional teaching and modern technology are deeply integrated to bring a better teaching experience.

Features of Smart Classroom Nano Blackboard

(1) Various writing pens, waterproof and anti-riot
Can use chalk, water pen, dust-free chalk to directly write, erase, clean handwriting; automatic induction recognition, normal touch of large amount of water on the surface; nano-tempered glass, anti-riot, anti-scratch, anti-strike; Android and Windows dual operating system, Support any channel writing, annotation function.
2) Combination of audiovisual and wisdom teaching
Support all kinds of multimedia teaching software such as video, music, pictures, PPT; Windows operating system, massive teaching software support, free download; traditional interface, simple and easy to understand.
(3) Anti-blue light technology, green eye protection
Anti-glare AG tempered glass is used to effectively reduce diffuse reflection of light and prevent reflection; blue light filtering technology is also effective to protect the eyes of teachers and students.
(4) Full-fit anti-glare technology
Adopt a full-fitting solution of LCD screen and capacitor film, 178° super wide viewing angle to ensure that each student is clear and easy to read; high light transmittance, effectively reduce light loss, easier to read on the blackboard; 0 gap design, reduce visual errors, guarantee Eye comfort.
(5) Intelligent gesture recognition
One-key black screen, switch between touch and writing at will, support full-screen writing, writing is barrier-free.
(6) Touch and display one, multi-person interaction
20-point advanced nano-intelligent interactive touch control technology to meet multiple people at the same time; full HD LED, clear picture, outstanding details; high-end industrial control OPS host, wireless Internet access, USB storage.  


Product number NIB-T86 (full fit)
total measurement 4200 mm*1260 mm *52 mm
Combination method Splicing blackboard
Net weight 112.6KG
Gross weight 131.6KG
Installation characteristics Support wall-mounted installation/movable bracket installation
System Support Support Andrid 8.0
            Display characteristics Display size 86 inches
brightness 300cd/㎡
Physical resolution 3840*2160
Zoom 16:9
Contrast 1400:1
Color temperature 10000K
Viewing angle 178°
Effective display area 1896*1067mm
Service life ≧50000 hours
  Power characteristics power input 100~240V/5A/60HZ/50HZ
Total power 470W(MAX)
Standby power 0.5w
        Signal port characteristics POWER Support front power one-key switch
VGA VGA signal input*1
DP DP signal input*1
Mini AV Mini AV signal input*1
Mini YPBPR Audio output*1
PC Audio Ops computer audio input*1
Earphone Line out    Headphone audio output*1
HDIM HDMI input*3
USB Shared USB input*3 and Android USB input*1
RJ45 RJ45 input*1 and RJ45 output*1
RS232 RS232*1
    Control characteristics Support infrared remote control function
Support physical key control function
Support OSD touch menu control function
Support five-finger recognition, touch one key to turn off the backlight function
Sound function     Audio power: 2*15W
Support 2.4G stable transmission, users can use the wireless microphone to conduct sound reinforcement teaching, and the volume adaptive adjustment function is convenient and fast;
Support local saving function of microphone audio recording;
Writing characteristics The blackboard surface supports chalk writing, liquid water pen writing, etc.;
Capacitance characteristics Projected full fit
Magnetic function (optional) The blackboards on both sides do not support the magnetic adsorption function;

OPS computer module hardware configuration parameters

Configuration Standard Edition        Professional Edition Ultimate Edition
CPU Intel Core i3 Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7
RAM 4G /8G
Built-in storage Standard 128GB SSD solid state drive (optional 256GB SSD*)
GPU Intel HD Graphics HD Graphics Core graphics card or optional discrete graphics card
      PC module interface configuration Default standard type Engineering customization
  • 1) USB2.0 x4 channels (including 2 front channels)
  • 2) USB3.0 x2
  • 3) RJ45 Ethernet wired interface x1 way
  • 4) HDMI (1.4a) x 1 channel
  • 5) MIC microphone x1
  • 6) AUDIO LINE x1
  • 7) VGA x1 way
  • 8) Wi-Fix1 (support IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • 1) USB2.0 x6 channels (including 2 front channels)
  • 2) USB3.0 x2
  • 3) RJ45 Ethernet wired interface x2
  • 4) COM debugging DB9 male x1 way
  • 5) Display Port (4K) x1 way
  • 6) HDMI (4K) x 1 channel
  • 7) MIC microphone x1 channel
  • 8) AUDIO LINE x1
  • 9) VGA x1 channel
  • 10) Wi-Fi x1 (support IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
OPS computer module load output parameters
OPS supply voltage 12V-19V DC
Rated output current 7.0A
Peak output current 8.0A
Rated load power 126W
Support interface type OPS-C 80-pin blind plug JAE interface in compliance with Intel Open Pluggable Specification
External module size L196*W180*H33~42mm (recommended height 33mm)

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