Preterminated fiber

Preterminated fiber

Bring your data center services online faster

When bringing a data center online, few tasks are as labor intensive as installing and connecting your fiber infrastructure. Manual field terminations, troubleshooting, and error corrections mean extended deployment times, higher installation costs and increased downtime. And, as the needs for bandwidth and stored data continue to accelerate, high-density fiber solutions that support easy, cost-effective migration to higher speeds are essential.

CommScope's rapid deployment preterminated solutions accelerate the process, reduce costs and errors, and help bring your data center online in less time. We also offer a broad portfolio of fiber panels that can match your fiber density requirements. They are all key parts of our comprehensive portfolio of SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions.

InstaPATCH® 360 preterminated fiber cabling is built on a module-and-trunk design, making it customizable and quickly deployed for simpler migration to 40G and 100G and beyond. Broad and deep, the InstaPATCH 360 portfolio supports the fiber density you need today and the flexibility to achieve higher speeds in the future. Available with LazrSPEED® 300 (OM3), LazrSPEED 550 (OM4), LazrSPEED OM5 Wideband and TeraSPEED® OS2 fibers.

SYSTIMAX UD shelves provide the maximum amount of density for LC and MPO connectivity and support the imVision® AIM system.

SYSTIMAX HD shelves provide a high-density platform for LC and MPO connectivity and support the imVision AIM system.

Rapid Fiber™ solutions can further accelerate deployment by providing terminated fiber lengths that can be unspooled as required.

Our UCP panels provide lower density platforms that also support copper connectivity within the same panel.

Fiber panels

Meet your data center needs with EHD, HD and UD fiber panels

SYSTIMAX Preterminated Fiber Solution

Modular flexibility to grow and adapt to changing needs

Rapid Fiber Deployment for Data Centers

Simplifying fiber deployment in your data center

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