In-building wireless connectivity

In-building wireless connectivity

Get a clear mobile connection from anywhere in the data center

While a well-designed data center can feature network security to prevent attacks from outside, it can also prevent wireless signals from entering the building. This is especially a concern for tenants in a multi tenant data center or visiting IT contractors.

All of this can be avoided with flexible In-building wireless connectivity (IBW) solutions that are technology agnostic and frequency adaptive. These systems can allow you, your tenants and consultants to connect to their wireless networks immediately, no matter how deep into the data center they go—without forcing the caller through multiple security checks and exit and re-enter the building. Along with the structured cabling infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of IBW technology.


ION®-E is the low-power unified wireless infrastructure solution that converges wired and wireless networks on economical Category 6A and fiber-optic cabling.


ION®-U is a low- and high-power DAS solution that can cover massive indoor spaces, sprawling outdoor spaces, or both in one compact, space-saving headend.

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