OSP and meet-me rooms :: Multi Tenant Data Centers

OSP and meet-me rooms

Extending fiber connectivity in the Multi Tenant Data Centers (MTDC)

Whether you are connecting multiple data center buildings in a campus or are interconnecting enterprises to cloud and service providers in the meet-me room, CommScope delivers an extensive platform of fiber-optic solutions designed to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive range of high-fiber-count outdoor and indoor/outdoor fiber cables and fiber splice closures extends fiber connectivity between buildings, while our building entrance products provide the ideal transition between OSP and ISP networks.

CommScope also offers optical distribution frames (ODFs) with several connectivity options, including SC, LC and MPO modules in a space-saving footprint. We offer high-density performance—maximizing space while ensuring network performance and reliability.

FiberGuide is the industry standard in fiber raceway systems, and provides flexible, reliable routing to deliver fiber throughout the Multi Tenant Data Centers (MTDC) facility.

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