Preterminated copper

Preterminated copper

Upgrade infrastructure with speed, efficiency and confidence

In colocated environments, infrastructure is what determines tenants’ performance—and MTDC owners’ revenue. Cutting-edge speed and bandwidth make everyone happier, but upgrading copper infrastructure can mean disruption and downtime.

CommScope comes to the rescue with SYSTIMAX® preterminated copper systems that not only provide industry-leading performance but also fast, accurate installations that reduce disruptions, minimize waste, reduce costs and get everyone online faster. Assembled in our factory under controlled conditions, they are factory tested and certified to perform to the highest standards, so every installation can happen quickly and confidently.

InstaPATCH® Cu is our preterminated system engineered to your custom specifications and part of our comprehensive structured cabling solutions. You simply decide the cable type, color, and length; termination type and configuration; and labeling—and we’ll deliver your quality assemblies ready to be easily installed and perform from day one.

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, taking charge of your infrastructure with preterminated SYSTIMAX solutions from CommScope can help improve performance and your bottom line.

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